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7-zip data error Nvidia

Today I will go with you if you are downloading your video drivers, you have this 7-zip data also sometimes underneath it will say that the file is corrupt or something like that generally this is like a conflict if you have a new video card itself, make sure you use a CD to download the drivers first, then go to the Nvidia website and update your driver and you.

You will not get this error and if you have it just because you are trying to update your video card, which has happened to a couple of friends of mine, let me show you the trick that will work for that, well, you want to upload here to get to star Go into your DEV device manager usually.

It pops up just for me when I type it in or you may have to spell it out, open that and go to your driver adapters in my case. I have the very impressive NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Pio boost card and I have it through Asus.

Well, you want to click on uninstall and then make sure… Delete all the software on this device and click OK.

I won’t do it because I have everything working very well now after you have done that, your screens will become a little bit big, they will probably turn off for a second. Once you’ve done that, what you want to do is go to your control panel and see anything that has to do with Nvidia, just go and delete it, and once you’ve finished doing that double check on your computer, uninstall or change the program and look for it here too, sometimes…

It can conflict and some of the things may not be deleted sometimes this physical driver does not think I do not put much emphasis on it is that you know it is something that is wrong and does not affect me at all ok then after you are done with that go ahead and put your CD in there well if you do not have your CD well whatever whoever made your video card and I’m not talking about NVIDIA who makes the cooling system like ASIS or MSI gigabyte EVGA just the name of you go to their Pacific website and download the driver for that card from the website you will get all the drivers you need.

If you go to Nvidia many times it is just updates for the video card and basically, you will end up with that data error or say you know it does not recognize this card or something like that, Very simple as I said if you don’t have the CD make sure you go to the manufacturer’s website if you have the CD use the CD and then go to Nvidia to update the website and you shouldn’t have that 7- zip SATA my name is no longer Tim I hope this has worked out for you if you are interested please subscribe leave me a message and I will try to respond as soon as possible thank you,

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