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7-zip for android

Download 7-zip for android

Hi guys, today I bring you a very complete tutorial on how to download 7-zip for Android, but not to start the house from the roof we will first discover what it is and what it is for:

What is 7-zip for Android?

It is a tool with which you can manage all the files you have stored in the terminal memory and in the Micro SD. With it you will make sure you have access to all your file system that you could not access without an element manager.

What are the benefits of 7-zip for Android?

Among the basic features of this utility are multi-selection, copy, move and paste between folders, open, rename, or delete one or a set of files, decompress files and send them as attachments in any of your mail platforms. In addition to this elementary management, 7Zip – Zip Manager Archive also allows you to make backups, open images or gifs, display text, end processes or access important information of your system, such as memory, battery, network or CPU.

What extra functions does APP have?

This application has so many functions that you can even find a calculator, or a stopwatch. Besides, it is able to extract tar, tar.gz, bz2, rar, jar, 7zip or lzh, so you won’t find any kind of problem to manage file packages, no matter what their extension is. Manage your device in the best way with 7Zip – Zip Manager Archive and gain space or place your folders in the right place.

How to download 7Zip – Zip Manager File and start it?

Well friends knowing the many advantages it has, let’s go to work!

The first thing we have to do is go to your download URL to download 7Zip – Zip Manager File, the url I give you at the end of the article when you know all the steps.

Well we follow guys to complete these steps we will do from the smartphone and the first thing is to unlock our mobile.

Then we went to the play store and went inside.

Once inside we go to the section of Search for apps and games.

In that area with so much 7-zip writing.

It gives us a countless amount of applications, but we will choose the one that says 7Zip – Zip Manager File.

We download and install the version that is available for our SmartPhone or Tablet just by hitting install.

And ready to operate! As we promised is debt here we leave you the direct link to download it, well until the next time, guys.