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7-zip for mac

Download 7-zip for mac

Sometimes Mac users are limited to do some things, such as playing online games with their friends, but what you have to do most of the time is to investigate a little and you can get good results. Today I come to bring a tutorial that will allow you to download 7-zip for mac.

how to download 7 zip for mac?

The first step is to go to the browser of your choice and search 7-zip in the search bar. The first link in the search engine is usually always the official page of the program you click and enter the website.

In the page in the left part home, there are several options that are formed from the application we direct the cursor to where it says links and we click.

This will take you to a page with several sections going down the page and in the part that says application of work with .7z files.

In that section we click on The Unarchiver for MAC OS X.

and will redirect you to this page.

Where they will be able to Download, in the green button is the Download must click to download it. It is only a matter of waiting 5 seconds so it will take almost nothing. wait for the seconds to be seen when you have finished opening them The application will appear.

and there is a file logo, an arrow and the applications folder, what they will do is drag the application and take it to the applications folder.

and as you can see it has just been copied and as we did with the tutorial. We can confirm it by pressing F4 or go to Launchpad.

That is the application that has a rocket and if they are going to go there and if it appears to them of a file then they would already have their program downloaded. to be able to extract files.

And to make the process easier we have a little gift for you, here is a link to download it directly.