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7-zip for portable

Download 7-Zip portable

Download 7-Zip portable can help you use the compressor on different devices without having to install it.

In addition, the program is completely free and is available in English, as in the desktop version.

Download 7-zip portable in English and totally free

Download 7-zip portable in English language and free is possible thanks to the page PortableApps, a suite of portable applications available for Windows, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux operating systems.

With this portable application, you can use 7zip on different devices without having to install the program. It can be run on any storage device, such as a USB stick or memory stick, external disks, a local folder on your pc, and even a folder in the cloud.

The portable version is also free

The portable 7 zip version is still completely free. Downloading and installation are free of charge, as your license is still free.

It has English and 85 other languages.

As in the normal or desktop version, 7zip portable still has the English language, as well as incorporates 85 other languages.

Download the 7 Zip portable decompressor and run it

A little further down you will find a link to download 7 portable zip files, from the PortableApps page.

In the suite, you will see something like Download 7-zip portable, where you can download the application.

Once the download is completed, you will have a paf.exe file like the one shown in the image above. This will be the installer of the 7-zip portable folder.

When you open the paf.exe file, a warning like the one in the image will appear, where you will have to hit it to run the installer.

Once opened, the installation wizard will start. This is not to install the program, but rather to host the folder, which you will be able to move to any other device without having to install the application.

Before starting the installer, you will be required to select the language. We will choose English.

*Note: This language is only for the installer, then you will have to choose the English language in the program options, in the language tab.

Once the installation wizard is open, it will warn you to close 7-zip portable if you are updating an already installed version.

To continue with the process you have to click on next.

Here you must choose the destination folder for the portable 7-zip decompressor. You can perform the installation on the desktop and then move the folder to the device you want or directly choose the location where you will use it.

Finally, after downloading and installing 7-zip portable you will have a folder like the one you see in the image on the right.

This folder contains the portable program to compress and decompress files from any storage device.

Portable version for storage devices

The folder with the 7-zip portable version can be moved or dragged to any storage device. It can be a USB stick or memory stick, an external disk, a local folder on our pc, and even a folder in the cloud.

Another option is to copy or cut the folder and paste it in the directory we want. This process does not require any installation, only moving the folder we can use the application.

Differences between the portable version and the desktop version.

The only difference between the portable version and the desktop version is the installation of the program.

Both versions have the same functionalities, options, and features. The interface is the same in both cases and the supported formats are the same. Therefore, there are no differences when using the application.

RAR, ZIP, and 7z portable file decompressor

7-zip portable also decompresses RAR, ZIP, and 7z files, in addition to all the formats supported by the normal version of the program.

It does not have any restriction as far as the formats that we can decompress with the portable application.

Video, image, and portable pdf compressor

The portable compressor continues to compress videos, images, and pdfs, as well as other types of files as the original format does.

The portable version does not decrease the kind of files that can be compressed by the desktop program installed on a system.

Download the program 7-zip portable for windows

The download link of the 7-zip portable program is only compatible with windows. In case you need the portable application for Mac OS X or GNU/Linux, you will need another version of 7zip or run it through an emulator like Wine.