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How to use 7-ZIP

The 7 zip compressor it’s free software and a free tool that allows you to compress and decompress files of different sizes and format. It has a high compression capacity. The main function of 7 zip is to compress, decompress, encrypt, encrypt and encode files or data of any archive.

This software is very light and its requirement for its use is minimal, we can download it freely from the creator page but first, we must take into account is whether we are going to use its 32-bit version or the 64-bit version, this will be indicated by the operating system that we are using.

Once the executable is downloaded, you only need to double-click and the program will install itself in a few seconds. Once 7 Zip is installed, you can open a Zip file attached to your email or from Windows Explorer by double-clicking on the file or running the 7 Zip program.

Selecting «Unzip» will proceed to unzip the file that is in that format, you can also select several files at the same time and unzip them simultaneously. On the contrary, you want to compress, encrypt, or encode one or more files you can do it directly from the software’s interface. You just have to run the program and among the available options are each of them.

Once you choose the task you want to perform, select the file to compress, encode or encrypt and the program will proceed to perform this task automatically.

7 Zip How to password protect?

How to compress and password a 7 Zip file can be of great help to protect or limit access to files and documents since only those users who have the password will be able to access its content.
Other things to highlight about the use of passwords is the high level of security and its compatibility that 7 zip offers with different programs.

To perform this task, you must follow the following steps:

• Open the 7 Zip program folder and click on the executable.

• Locate the place where the file that we want to compress is located and then select the file to compress, right-click it and choose the «Add to archive» option, just as if we were compressing a file normally, the only difference is that this time it’s created with a password.

• In the menu you must click on Set Password. A few options related to the password will appear.

• In the Encryption section, when choosing the password you must type it twice to confirm it.

• When done, press OK and then OK to create the compressed file according to the options you have specified. This password will be necessary to be able to unzip the files inside the ZIP that you just created.

• Once the process is finished we can see how we already have a new compressed file with the contents of the original folder or a password-protected file of our choice. It is important to note the password, without it it will be impossible to decompress the file.

• Once the operation of compressing the file has been done, if we no longer need the original file, we can delete it from our computer to save space.

How to create a Zip file in windows?

One of the greatest advantages that 7 zip offers is being able to compress a large number of files, as well as dividing a very large file into small parts. These options appear on the software interface and it’s very easy to use.

Doing this is very simple, as you already know this software is very easy to use and even more so in an operating system such as Windows. To create a new Zip file you just have to open 7 Zip and select «Add file» and then click Next. Select the file to compress and how you want to compress it. It should be noted that the 7 Zip Wizard will guide you through the entire process.

You just have to wait a few seconds and voila!! The Zip file will be created. The compression time will depend on the size of the file you want compress.